NTFS Permissions Reporter

Version 2.1.4

A powerful reporting tool designed to make it easy to view NTFS permissions all the way down your directory tree
NTFS Permissions Reporter is a modern user friendly tool for reporting on directory permissions on your Windows file servers. It lets you quickly see which groups and users have access to which directories and allows you to export this information to file for further reviewing.

Free Edition (Version 1.5.0) Standard Edition (Version 2.1.4)
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Features such as the highly customisable filtering system and the ability to display group members (direct and nested) directly in the report, combined with the choice of a tree or table based result view format and the option to highlight different permissions in different colours, make this one of the most powerful and easy to use permissions reporting tools available. The filtering options allow you to quickly find rogue permissions that do not conform to your company standards or to easily detect directories that have permissions assigned for accounts that no longer exist, and let you exclude permissions that you are not interested in (for example you could exclude all inherited permissions or exclude directories where permissions are the same as the parent directory). You can build your filter based on a huge number of attributes, including: the account name, account type, which domain the account is from, whether or not the permissions is inherited, whether or not the account is currently disabled, the account SID, whether or not a group has no members, and much more.

Free Edition
The free edition is provided in the hope that it is useful to fellow IT Pros, it is not intended to just be a trial/demo of the standard edition (though you can use it as such if you are considering purchasing the standard edition). Whilst some features are only available in the standard edition, hopefully the free edition will still be useful to people. See below for a summary of the features that can be found in the free edition (and the standard edition)

Powerful - With options such as being able to view group members (and nested group and primary group members) directly within the report
Fast - Intelligent caching helps make this one of the fastest permissions reporting tools available
Accessible - Just right click on any directory in Windows Explorer and choose Report Permissions to see permissions for the full directory tree
Accurate - Unlike some other tools out there, you will always get accurate representations of permissions with NTFS Permissions Reporter
User Friendly - Designed to be easy to use and modern, you can be running your first report within seconds of launching the application for the first time
Exportable - Easily export report results to file (HTML file in free edition, additional formats in standard edition)
Multi-Domain Friendly - Correctly reports display names and other account details for accounts in external trusted domains

Standard Edition
Standard edition includes all of the features included in the free edition listed above, as well as the following features:
Export query results to Excel XLSX file, CSV, HTML, or the NTPR file format that allows reports to be loaded back in to the tool at a later date
Compare Reports feature allows you to see the differences in permissions between 2 reports that have been exported to NTPR format
Email report results automatically when a report finishes
Create filters that help you find exactly what you are looking for or exclude permissions that you are not interested in
Full command line support makes it easy to schedule report generation or to load your favourite filters and settings each time you launch the application
Free upgrades to new versions for the lifetime of the application

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Results in table view
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